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Redtie Entertainment engages specialist Musicians, Vocalists and DJ’s to ensure captivating musical entertainment for every occasion. After listening to your event vision, our experienced bookings team will propose the perfect musical lineup to bring your unique event objective to life, whether it’s an elegant evening Soiree in need of a refined jazz band, corporate awards night in need of ambient live music for cocktails, followed by dancing later, or end of year Christmas celebration with your preference of a DJ/Sax. By selecting from our carefully curated, industry’s-finest group of professionals, you can rely on the quality of each Artist, and synergy of each musical combination, therefore ensuring maximum enjoyment for your guests. Scroll to uncover some of Redtie’s most popular music styles and options, and contact us to chat about how we can bring your event to life through the magic of music.

djsax ryan playing at private party
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We understand the brief of ambient, background, easy-listening music to perfectly compliment your sophisticated soiree or beginning of your night. For this style, Redtie Artists keep the volume at a comfortable level to create a luxuriously warm, relaxed atmosphere which allows guests the space to mingle. With a mix of laid-back well-known tunes and a handful of jazz standards included for an added touch of elegance, Redtie Cocktail Music will add the perfectly stylish touch to your special event.


Ready to set the dance floor on fire and party like it’s 1999? Our Artists are the masters of injecting energy and excitement into your crowd to get everyone up and shaking their groove thang. With a set list that is expertly designed afresh for each event to cover your specific demographic and everyone’s favourite dancing music, your guests will love the selection of tunes that span a wide array of genres. We’re talking all the pop, disco, rock and soul classics, as well as sing-along tunes, and of course, Aussie bangers thrown in there for good luck. Allow our Redtie all-stars to get your party started!

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MIX IT UP - Live to DJ

For the event that would suit a mix of live music at the beginning and DJ music later, you’re in the right place because we have scoured Queensland to be able to present a talented group of professional Musicians who are also professional DJ’s! This means your guests will be welcomed into your event with the luxury of live music, whilst enjoying the continuity of DJ music later, all performed by the same Artist. Regularly booked as live Artists as well as DJ’s, our ‘Mix it up’ Artists are always on top of the latest popular music trends, whilst also being well-versed in many other genres, meaning they can confidently cater to any event. Send us an email to find out about how our ‘Mix it up’ Artists might be right for you.


Welcome to the exhilarating world of rock music, where guitars wail, drums pound, and rock rebellion resonates through the air! It’s a place where “Sweet Child O’ Mine” leads you down a “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Livin’ on a Prayer” is the only way to survive (see what we did there?). From the timeless classics of Led Zeppelin to the modern anthems of Foo Fighters, Redtie’s Rock Bands are your backstage pass to the heart-pounding, head-banging, and soul-stirring universe of rock ‘n’ roll!

redtieband at eat street2
redtieband at eat street
redtieband jake drummer
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Ahhhh….the enchanting world of Redtie Jazz, where every note is a spontaneous conversation and every instrument a storyteller. Grounded in the universal language of improvisation, where Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Ella Fitzgerald painted soundscapes of emotion and innovation, and our expert Redtie Jazz Artists will bring a modern flair to this timeless genre. Blending the bluesy soul of New Orleans with the complex rhythms of bebop, Redtie Jazz will allow your guests to enjoy soulful crooning, virtuoso solos, and ageless melodies that luxuriously explode into treasure troves of musical exploration and expression.

Soul and Groove

Step into the rhythmic realm of soul and groove music, where every note is a heartbeat and every melody, a dance in motion. It’s a place where the smooth, soulful melodic lines of legends like Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye meet the irresistible, hip-shaking grooves of James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire. With Redtie ‘Soul and Groove’, we celebrate the music that makes your soul sing and your body sway. From Motown to neo-soul, come feel the pulse of soul and groove that transcends time and echoes through the ages. Drop us a line to enquire about Redtie ‘Soul and Groove’.

chris and jazz redtie artists
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Perfect for Wedding ceremonies, garden parties and high-end soirees, Redtie’s virtuoso Classical Musicians will serenade you and your guests with lashings of cultured sophistication as they bring the magic of the master composers to life. With expertise and emotive brilliance, our Redtie Classical Musicians will draw listeners into layers of warmth as their refined notes swirl in the air, creating the softest, most refined beginning to your event. Send us an email to enquire about our Classical Musicians.


Welcome to the heart and soul of Redtie’s Country Music, where storytelling takes center stage and the twang of the guitars sing tales of life’s trials and tribulations. It’s a genre that harkens to the roots of America and outback Australia, with legends like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton paving the way. Redtie Country celebrates the honesty, grit, and pure, unfiltered emotion of the country that resonate with rustic charm. From dusty backroads to honky-tonk bars, immerse yourself in the soul-stirring sounds of country music.

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