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We understand that your Wedding day will be as unique as your love story, and this is the reason we offer a variety of wedding packages to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re dreaming of a soloist to set a beautifully romantic tone, a dynamic duo to create stunning melodies and harmonies, or a full band to get the party started, we’ve got you covered. Our talented musicians and DJs are here to ensure that your special day is filled with unforgettable music that perfectly complements your desired wedding atmosphere. Let Redtie Entertainment take care of the music while you focus on living your once-in-a-lifetime moments. Contact us today to explore our wedding packages and make your celebration truly magical.

Ceremony + Cocktail Hour - Live

Our Ceremony + Cocktail Hour package sets a luxurious tone for your Ceremony, with the magic of live music before enchanting your guests during cocktail hour. With a curated selection of talented and experienced musicians and bands, we ensure all the details are perfected to create an unforgettable musical experience that harmonises seamlessly with your preferred ambience, and the rest of what your special day has planned!

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour + Reception - Live

Our most popular package, this easy, all-inclusive live bundle combines our Ceremony + Cocktail Hour with music for your Reception! This package is the most cost effective, covering all the entertainment for your full day, and includes 3 separate set up locations. To start your day in style, we begin with 30 minutes of live music before the Ceremony to welcome your guests into the space, before 30 minutes of your special songs played live once your Ceremony is under way. The music continues after your Ceremony, with 1 hour of live music for your cocktail hour, to maintain the magical ambience for your guests during your photo time. And then it’s onto your Reception where we can provide you with the size and selection of a band that perfectly fits your vision, venue and guest numbers. You and your guests will love having the continuity of the same Lead Artist throughout your afternoon, evening and night.

Mix it Up - Live Music
to DJ

Redtie presents a number of talented Lead Artists who are also professional DJ’s. If you love the idea of having live music at the beginning of your day, perhaps for pre-Ceremony, Ceremony and cocktail hour, followed by a DJ for your reception, these Artists are the perfect choice for you. By combining the elegance of live music with the heart-thumping rhythms of DJ music, our Artists can take you and your guests on a musical journey that is curated especially for you. This package is also ultra cost-effective because our DJ can utilise the same sound system as the band.


Perfect for the small, intimate Wedding, our signature Redtie Solo Artists can provide a beautifully simple sound track for your day. Available to play for your Ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or a combination of these sections, we can present a number of different styles of professional musician, including Vocalist/Guitarist, Vocalist/Keyboard Player, Harpist, Violinist and more.

Duos and 3pce Bands

For a musical solution that combines two or three musicians and singers, with lush harmonies and a balance of male and female Vocalists, our Redtie Duos and Trios are perfect for the small to medium Wedding. Starting the day with soulful, ambient tunes, and gradually raising the energy throughout the evening to include a curated selection of dance floor-pumping music towards the end of the night, this combination will provide an all-inclusive solution for guest numbers between 20 and 50. Choose your Vocalist/Instrument line-up from our many varying styles available.

4 and 5 piece bands

Providing a more comprehensive musical sound, our sophisticated Redtie 4-piece and 5-piece Bands traditionally suit the Wedding with between 50 and 100 guests. These are among our most popular band sizes, with the flexibility to include a saxophone or trumpet into the musical line-up, for an additional layer of excitement. Our experienced bookings team will carefully work through suitable options for you, based on your musical preference and unique Wedding details, to ensure the sound track suits your day perfectly. With the ability to fully customise the day of music, a frequently-booked option is to begin the day with a Redtie Duo for pre-Ceremony and Ceremony, adding another musician for cocktail hour, and rounding out the band into a 5-piece for the reception. By gradually building the intensity of the music, in line with the energy of your guests, your band will compliment the day’s goings on, being sure to sensitively decrease, and elevate the volume when needed. You and your guests can enjoy the continuity of the same Lead Artist throughout your Wedding, whilst revelling in the seamless addition of more musicians as the night goes on.

6 piece bands and larger

For the couple who have planned a larger Wedding with 90-150 guests, our impressive Redtie 6-piece to 10-piece Bands are the perfect solution. Delivering a full, vibrant and invigorating musical sound, the larger band is unique in that it can present two dynamic Lead Vocalists afront a full Band, including saxophone or trumpet. Two Leads allows for maximum engagement and interaction with you and your guests, and the addition of a solo instrument creates exciting musical moments that everyone will love! In order to ensure everything is exactly as you planned, our experienced bookings team will ask all the right questions in order to fully understand your vision for your big day and then send you carefully-selected options for you to choose from. Everything is fully customisable which means the musical solution we provide can perfectly fit your day.

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