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Introducing one of the Redtie OGs, Felix. A supremely talented guitarist and a vocal virtuoso with a silky baritone voice, Felix has been gracing Weddings, Private and Corporate Events with his musical prowess since 2014. His journey through the realm of music is a harmonious fusion of timeless classics and contemporary hits, bringing people together through the power of his melodies. His versatile repertoire ensures that his music transcends generations, resonating with both the old-school aficionados and the young-at-heart.

Born into the heart of Europe’s musical tapestry, Stockholm, Felix now calls the vibrant Australian music scene ‘home’. Music has taken him to the rugged landscapes of Mt. Isa, and idyllic shores of Vanuatu, from stages of the Tara Festival to big rodeos across Australia. Felix’s passion doesn’t end with covers and classic tunes – it ignites when he ventures into the realm of original music. He’s a troubadour of the modern age, touring throughout Australia, weaving tales of the land, its people, and the essence of life through his songs.

Education has always played a pivotal role in Felix’s musical journey. In 2022, he proudly donned his graduation robe from the Jazz Music Institute, armed with a Jazz Degree that has added to his unique musical flavour. He has also received a diploma in sound production which allows him to sonically craft his musical landscapes to perfecction.

Felix is more than just a musician; he’s a curator of moments, a weaver of emotions, and a maestro of silken soundscapes. With his guitar as his loyal companion and his voice as his storytelling vessel, he invites you to join him on a lyrical journey that transcends time, boundaries, and expectations. Get ready to be serenaded by the melodies of Felix—the troubadour of unity through music.

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