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Wedding DJ Song Requests: 6 Modern Romantic Songs For Your First Dance

By October 31, 2020 December 24th, 2020 No Comments

Imagine this; all eyes are on you and your partner, and it’s your cue for your first dance as a married couple. Now, play each one of these songs to visualise the moment that you show the world that you are joined in matrimony. Do any of them fit your image?

  1. City Of Stars By Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

From the hit musical feature La La Land, this beautiful duet features Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in a beautiful track that perfectly emulates the romance of a wedding. An ideal choice for a first dance as a short and sweet track. If you are a couple that does not want to be dancing for too long, this is a perfect choice.

  1. Finally // Beautiful Stranger By Halsey

A little more upbeat than the typical first dance song choice. But with lyrics like “I’ve never seen a mouth that I would kill to kiss”, this song creates a passionate and romantic moment for you and your partner to share.

  1. Thinking Out Loud By Ed Sheeran

You cannot have a list of wedding song recommendations without the ultimate romantic ballad by pop icon Ed Sheeran. Without a doubt, this is the perfect first dance song.

  1. Love Someone By Lukas Graham

If you want to show your absolute joy at being able to wed your true love, this song is for you. As a more upbeat track, this song packs an emotional punch while still allowing you to moon over the one you love.

  1. All of Me By John Legend

Another slightly upbeat tune, All of Me is a sugary sweet tune for the celebration of your nuptials. On the day that you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with someone, this is the perfect melody to match.

  1. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Kina Grannis

The film Crazy Rich Asians did it first. The wedding scene where the bride floats down the aisle to this song was capturing, to say the least. Already a well-known wedding song, this cover slows the tempo right down to create a gorgeously romantic atmosphere for a first dance.

These are just some of the options for your first dance song. For professional wedding DJ Brisbane get in touch with Red Tie Band, and we will make sure that your first dance is unforgettable.