Top tips for choosing background music at your next event!

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Corporate Entertainment

We work hard to offer the very best in high impact corporate entertainment that will get your guesting running for that dance floor!!

Now I think it’s time that we showed you our softer side as well, introducing our top tips for choosing your next events background music.

If you’re looking to add some atmosphere to your next business get-together, nothing can create a sophisticated backdrop like a bit of soothing background music. When background music is done well, guests should barely notice it but badly chosen background music has a way of being pretty distracting!

Instrumental or Vocal

One of the most common misconceptions about background music is that it has to be instrumental.

Many might feel that a band with a vocalist will be a flashy attention grabber. A great background band can cut right through those misconceptions.

Our REDTIE COCKTAIL option is perfect for this sort of conversation including a duo, trio even up to a four band member setup.

We have jazz singers that are smooth as silk that can weave themselves into any work canapés, just ask us who would be perfect for your next event!

Corporate Entertainment

Don’t fear the Drummer

Corporate Entertainment

The moment you see the drummer loading into a venue, it might conjure up images of outgoing, energetic performers like John Bonham or David Elitch setting the room on fire with some crazy beats, maybe not exactly the desired background music vibes.

Trust us when we say that this isn’t the time to fear the drummer!

It can’t be denied that a tasteful drummer has the ability to lift any party by creating an incredible display of  sight and sound.

If you want your guests to tap along to their conversations for the evening, then definitely give the drummer some at your next event!

Think Where You are Going to Place the Musicians

Venues come in all shapes and sizes and you could invite dozens to hundreds or even thousands of guests.
Finding the perfect place for them to set up the stage for an unforgettable evening is an absolute must for your next event.
Even simple things like making sure that the stage is on level ground and not on sand can make all the difference for a bands performance (not to mention the vertical integrity of the bands P.A).

Another question to ask yourself is, “can the musicians see the action?”

Being heard is one thing but being apart of the event do away with the stuff atmosphere that corporate gatherings can create! They are bringing the party with them and not just there for their sound.

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Corporate Entertainment

No event is made the same and you need someone who understands that and will tackle the big issues with you.

Next time you’re looking for an entertainment solution make sure you include a sit down with our friendly staff!