4 Things your Cover Band should include in their Price!

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Hidden fees… They’re your worst nightmare!!!

You don’t have to look too far to find countless horror stories of event entertainment quoting one price and tacking on hidden expenses when you’ve signed the contract and it’s too late for you to change . Any of your contractors could be charging you for features you’d expect to come standard and you know what… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Below is a list of the absolute must haves your band should be in including in their quote!

Corporate Entertainment

Look and Listen…Lighting and PA

A band should look and sound as amazing as your event!! More importantly though, a band needs to be heard at your event!

Keep in mind that depending on the venue size, the band may be inclined to use the PA on site and their audio team to run it. If you are in for more of a function room at a pub it is completely reasonable for the band to be providing their own sound and lighting gear AND running it!

Luckily the REDTIE band has built this into their price so you can sit back and relax, watching your well lit, great sounding music machines in their element.

Appropriate attire for the event

We know that you’re already spending a lot of time deciding on venue, catering, themes, seating plans and more that will set a very particular mood for your fuction. The live entertainment for your party should blend into this theme, helping you create a well-rounded, consistent experience for the night.

It’s one thing if you have a very specific set of costumes in mind for the band. But if you chose to have a black tie affair, it’s simply inappropriate for your live band to show up in jean overalls and a flannel shirt!

Most bands should offer an image of what they will look like on the night… FREE of charge!

Lightening Fast response times

No matter what you’re locking in you deserve a certain level of customer service for your celebrations!

Long response times can be a sign of a much bigger problem. There are few experiences more terrifying than a important contractor that’s MIA.

When you find a band that gets back to your emails and calls within a reasonable amount of time, you can be confident that they’ll show up on time and ready to go, no hassle needed.

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Corporate Entertainment

If you find a band that’s unwilling to don appropriate attire for your event without tacking on an extra fee, simply look into some other bands that will respect all the work you’ve put into establishing the night’s mood… Maybe a band that has their sophisticated tastes in their name… REDTIE!

Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment

References from past clients

Bands that have been professional and prompt in their service and who left a lasting, positive impression at past events will likely have references ready to share with you. If whoever you are dealing with doesn’t have any or is simply refusing to share them with you, it’s probably time to move on!

The REDTIE Band not only have glowing recommendations from past events but have made it possible for you to see them live every fortnight at Eat St Markets, Northshore! The only way to know for sure if your choice of band will be perfect for your event is to see how they go in front of a live crowd!

If you’re putting money down for them to perform for your EOY Bash, they can provide references that back up that they are the right choice! Check out some of our most recent reviews below!

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Red Tie Band played at our son's 21st Birthday party, and were absolutely fabulous! Even those folks who don't normally dance were tapping their toes. Nic particularly appreciated the Happy Birthday medley 😊.

Cathryn R.Nic's 21st Birthday

Redtie Band (8pce) were the jewel in the crown of our 70th Brisbane to Gladstone Gala Dinner (March 17th this year). The band's ability to entertain a diverse audience ranging in age from 20 something to 70+ is superb.

Kristine E.70th Brisbane to Gladstone Gala Dinner

The dance floor was in use even during the first set of 'background' music. The guys were great at picking the right songs for our crew and even took requests and they managed to make the duo feel like a full band. Would have them back in a heartbeat!

Jacqueline L.Choir Christmas Party

For the last 3 years and every year we have amazing feedback from our guests about how great the band is! The team at Redtie are so easy to work with and always deliver an incredible performance.

Alice L.Bronco's Race Day Bash