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Corporate Entertainment

With the world the way it is at the moment, less is more!
Whether you are looking to renew your gin membership or just would like to finish your day sparkling, we have the perfect bite sized entertainment paring to go with your next event!

Like most of our industry, we are whole heartedly focused on public safety, protecting employees and flattening the curve and will continue to do this until the world is deemed safe again!
In saying this we’ve had a massive number of enquires from you, the people, asking for a response to this pandemic to put some smiles on faces again! We are here to make sure that you are making the most of your entertainment in a safe and responsible way while in this pandemic and boy have we got just the thing for you!

Intimate, classy & sophisticated. These are but a few words that describe what REDTIE Cocktail brings to every event. Canapés on the lawn and cocktails before the main show; we will set the tone and create a vibe that will have everyone feeling good and excited for whatever your event has in store.
We range from an acoustic soloist to a jazz trio featuring smooth saxophone and anything in between. Our aim is simple, to match the setting and bring your vision to life. This minimal lineup is perfect for a sit down show with a small gathering of people. You can respect social distancing and still have a good time, Perfect for small work celebrations or parties.

It’s not business as usual just yet but we are here to fulfil your entertainment needs responsibly in the mean time! If you are concerned about holding your event feel free to give us a call and let us work out the finer details for you.

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