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Hamilton Island you really are an amazing place to travel to!

From the moment we get off the plane the wonderful staff were looking after us! Choni met us at the arrivals lounge with a REDTIE board in hand! After collecting our bags she gave us a tour around the Island before heading to sound check to see what the night had planned!

I had no idea that the island was only a small 9km by 2km patch of heaven in the middle of the great barrier reef! How can some so small have such a huge reputation?!?!

Tonight was focused around the amazing job that the world class employees of Hamilton Island do everyday! It was reserved for the highest celebrated professionals that had absolutely went above and beyond for their customers!
It was truly an honour to be there with you all and we knew that we had to bring the good party vibes for you all!

After arriving at the Reefview Hotels function centre for the night’s celebratory event, the REDTIE band feat. Chang from the Voice and Bec WITH the voice got straight down to bringing the party with Cool and the Gangs classic, CELEBRATION! The amazing Hamilton Island Staff were ready for an amazing night and wasted no time getting down on the dance floor!

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff and event organisers for letting us come and spend a few days with you!!
You all do such a wonderful job looking after our Australian tourism so it was an absolute pleasure looking after you for a while! ?

We had an absolute blast with you this year and we can’t wait to do it all again in 2020! ?

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