Gala Band for Oriflame’s Award Night

By February 8, 2019 May 21st, 2021 No Comments
Corporate Entertainment

Welcoming you to the Oriflame 2018 Awards Night!!! Redtie Entertainment were stoked to be the gala band for this great event.

Getting ready in the Sheraton Grand Ball Room for one heck of a show! Our 6 piece party band really got to let loose for this one! The stage was absolutely massive and our gala band got to use every bit of it. By the end of the night we had everyone dancing. We even had one of the guests children up on stage with us showing us how to “Floss”. I still haven’t quite got the hang of that one yet!

If that wasn’t enough, the night also included dancers and acro-performance on top of a disco ball… (yep, on top of a disco ball) this night was 110% energy. You guys blew us away, World class, Oriflame!

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