Entertainment Options for the Sized Impaired Venue

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With everything that is going on in the world at the minute, it would be an awful shame to miss out on live music altogether! A few of our crafty suppliers and couples have moved their ‘Entertainment Centre Celebrations’ to a more simple venue that could be considered a little on the small side.

Not all wedding and event venues have the space to accommodate a full-on live band with drums, lighting and all the pyros we can afford, but that’s not to say that your evening reception should suffer. At REDTIE we work alongside a whole range of live wedding and corporate venues that promise to bring that same level of excitement and enthusiasm to your next bite sized event!
Check it out:

Duos with Backing Tracks

Gone are the days of low quality MIDI backing tracks with 90s Casio drum samples and synthesised brass – The REDTIE STEP Band has incorporated top industry level backing tracks to bolster it’s live sound and give all of you party people out there an amazing and full live experience. What you probably didn’t know is that STEP can come in a lot of different lineups. If your venue is lacking in the size department why not try duo or Trio Singers accompanied by our original STEP Backing Tracks! You’ll be glad you did.

STEP - Corporate Entertainment
STEP - Corporate Entertainment

DJ with Singer

Popular among lovers of dance music and party anthems, a Singer (male or Female) and DJ combo is guaranteed to get a party started even in the smallest of spaces. The combination of live Vocals, Maybe Sax, and mixed music provides a sound capable of filling small to medium sized venue with happy, dancing guests!
REDFusion fills this space really well with the addition of Trumpet, Sax, Guitar… whatever your heart desires for your perfect celebration!

REDTIE Edge Band
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment

Acoustic Duos with Loop Pedals

Ever heard of a guy called Ed Sheeran?! Thought so, Looping has been a staple of the Brisbane music scene for years so it’s about time that we incorporated it into our Wedding and Corporate events! Using Looping in creative ways can really make an acoustic act stand out and provide a much fuller sound, ideal for a smaller more intimate setting. Why not check out what some the coolest kids in Brisbane are doing… Introducing, Chris and Jazz

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Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment