Cromwell Property Group CEO Christmas Address

By February 12, 2019 January 12th, 2022 No Comments

Howard Smith Wharfs is undergoing a massive transformation at the moment. They have added a 4 new venues underneath the spot bridge in Brisbane and each has multiple rooms. We were lucky enough to play in the RiverShed before they officially opened to the public for The Cromwell property group.

This lunch time Christmas party started with a lunch buffet which was accompanied by some cool jazz, played by the 4 piece REDTIE band. A few speeches and awards were handed out and everyone was having a great time!

Once the formalities were finished, the band jumped into party mode, playing a top 40 setlist for the 100 or so guests enjoying the new RiverShed building. There wasn’t a dance floor setup or even much room with all the tables but people still found a way to boogie down with us. A gentleman down the back even did a bit of chair surfing.
No one was hurt in undergoing of this party thankfully!
Thank you so much for having us there CPG. We will celebrate with you any day!

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