5 Things You Absolutely Need To Tell The Wedding Venue!

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Wedding Venue

We know that a little bit of help can go a long way when planning your perfect day!
As always, we are right here beside you doing our best to make you stress less! This week we’ve made you a checklist of some essential things wedding venues will almost definitely want to know about your wedding music plans.

1. How Many Musicians?

From our ‘vibey’ REDTIE Trio for your wedding reception or our banging 9-piece REDTIE Party Band for your evening bash, the size of your musical line-up can impact on your venue in lots of unexpected ways.
They need to plan the amount of performance space your musicians will need, as well as the most important piece of information for liquor licence holding venues, the volume they typically work at.
Sometimes the venue can even come back and say they aren’t allowing a band for you weddings time slot!!!
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered for that as well.
Our performer package is great for venues that don’t allow bands, those on a budget and those with limited space and are wanting both LIVE music and a DJ.
Our acoustic musicians will perform for your Ceremony, Canapés and then transform into a full throttle party DJ for your reception celebrations, allowing you and your guests to connect personally with your choice entertainment, the REDTIE way.

2. For the Band, timing is everything!

For the most part, your special day has been organised to run like a well oiled machine!! The time your band arrives could change your loving ceremony into a peak hour traffic mixtape! You may not want a van-load of sound equipment unloading while your guests are assembling for your wedding ceremony and a band that’s sound-checking during your wedding speeches would be less than ideal! Make sure you pass on the day’s schedule to all involved to keep your nuptials running smooth!

3. We need time to setup!

When and where the band sets up shop for the night can impact how much fun everyone is in for. If you’re relying on your musicians to be set up and ready to play in a fairly short window of time then it’s important that they (and your wedding venue) are aware of this. Likewise, if musicians are attempting to bring big sound equipment into a room while your venue staff are trying to setup tables and chairs, you’re nights PA could turn into a very expensive coffee table!

The set-up time that your chosen REDTIE band needs is another key factor, especially if they are setting up in the same room that you and your guests are eating in. We prefer to arrive well ahead of your start time so that we can see what the night has in store!

4. Will the band be providing all their own equipment?

When it comes to the full live band experience, we’ve got you!
Everyone of our packages comes with lights, gear and humans included! You’ll never have to worry about supplying us with anything except a full dance floor!
In most cases we even go out of our way to cover your needs as well!
If you require a Microphone on the night for speeches or maybe even a huge light up L.O.V.E sign, rest assured that the REDTIE Band has you covered!
One thing to keep in mind is that all these wonderful things require power. If your venue isn’t supplying, we need to hear about it before the day!

5. How many locations will the band be playing in?

Moving around is the least we can do for your special day!
We would love to play your Ceremony, Canapés and Reception and each of these can certainly have a seperate setup! Make sure that the live band and your venue know this so that power is provided as well as any sound restricts they may have are adhered to!

From Ceremony start to Reception finish, we will always have your back 100%.
If you need help with anything that falls outside of live entertainment please don’t be afraid to ask us for it! We’ve been doing this for a while now and you better believe we want to go above and beyond to make your day perfection!

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