4 Things to Consider when Booking a Band for Your Private Party

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You have to admit it Australia, when it comes to party entertainment nothing comes close to a live band. A Stage full of musicians can keep a crowd hyped all night and unlike a DJ, always knows all of your favourite songs!! Best of all, no live performance is ever the same twice so you’re guaranteed a unique, unforgettable experience!

Once again, I’m back to help you have a kick ass party – Private Event Edition!
Strap in folks as we go through the 4 top tips for your next backyard bash!

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1. Neighbourhood volume restrictions

Before settling on a party band make sure to look into your neighbourhood’s volume restrictions. Instead of a house shaking top 20’s band your event might be more suited to a dance floor filling RnB jam night!

If you live in a more rural area, this may not be a concern, but if you plan to host in a more residential area, you’ll want to avoid disgruntled neighbours or unwanted interruptions by the authorities.

The sirens may add to the REDTIE Band’s light show at first but there is nothing worse than killing the music before 10pm!

2. Song list diversity

Your guest list is probably a pretty diverse group of lads and ladies with music tastes to match. So if you want them to enjoy your party, it’s important to find a band that can play a variety of different styles and genres. Look for a group with a large song list that covers several decades so that there’s something for everyone.

The REDTIE band has everything from swing jazz to ol’ time Rock and (or) Roll!
If you have some songs that absolutely must be played on the night we take requests!

Get involved with your entertainment and let us know what your after before hand and we’ll make sure that your night is a smash hit!

Corporate Entertainment
REDTIE Edge Band

3. Space and time required to set up

Ever find yourself needing some elbow room at a party? Your band do, too. A lively crowd is AWESOME, but any band you hire will need a certain amount of space to set up their equipment and play well.

We always ask for a space that’s at least 5 metres wide and 3 metres deep). This gives us enough room to do our thing without getting in the guests’ way as they show off their moves!

4. Equipment required/provided

Unless you have a ton of spare amps and mics lying around your house, you’ll need to find a band that supplies their own equipment.

REDTIE takes it a step further and provides our own PA and lighting to really make sure the show looks and sounds just the way you want it to!

Your party needs a professional production quality and a flawless, unforgettable experience for your guests.

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