4 Reasons to Have Live Music at your Corporate Event

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EOY Celebrations are just around the corner! What have you got planned this year?!

With the entertainment industry now at the tail end (hopefully) of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s okay to think about what your EOY celebrations might look like! These things take a lot of planning to get right and don’t you deserve a rocking celebration after this mess of a year! It’s my goal this week to talk you off of the ‘DJ ledge’ and convince you that a LIVE Band is the only way to go for a stress free evening!

REDTIE Edge Band

Live bands gives you choice!

Have you ever been to a party where you just weren’t feeling the music? Nothing is worse for your guests than music that just can’t get them on their feet. The REDTIE band has a set list for every variety of genres and styles; from classic rock to Top 40 hits, to oldies, to R&B. This way there will be something for everyone, from the 20-year-old intern to Karren in accounting!

Live bands have flexibility

The main advantage to hiring a live band is the flexibility that comes with having your musicians right there in the room with your guests. If classic soul doesn’t resonate with your guests (okay, but why?), no worries, they can read the room and easily slip into something more modern and upbeat. They can help keep the mood and volume of the night at the right level based on the music they play. It’s much better than hiring a DJ only to find out that his signature sound just doesn’t jive with your crowd! The LIVE Band is the keeper of your nights ‘VIBE’ (far out man).

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Live bands have the right stuff!!

Like… all the stuff! Everything required to get your guests onto that dance floor!
Do you host big events like this all the time? Chances are your company doesn’t have amps, lights and audio desks just lying around. This leaves you with three options:

  • Borrow them from a business connection and lug them back and forth to your event
  • Rent them from a vendor or your event space and kiss your party budget goodbye
  • OR – Hire the REDTIE band who provides all the gear and knows which sound rig will fill the room!

Sourcing equipment shouldn’t be on your event planning to-do list. Instead, trust the REDTIE band to provide our own mics, amps, audio desks, lights and by golly look damn good doing it! This way you get the equipment you need and avoid paying extra for something you’ll only use once a year!!

Going that extra mile for you!!

A live band is more than just a live band!! In addition to providing our own equipment, we also offer other services. Our lead singer or ‘front(wo)man’ can easily MC your event since he already has the mic.

We are providing our own sound equipment, so we know how to run it and we will, no stress! We also offer lighting options and if you need one, even a stage for us to play on! We’ve got it all!

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